Formatta Products: Publish + Manage


Publish and manage e-forms.

Once you design and create forms, Formatta E-Forms Manager enables you to securely publish them — so users can immediately interact with the forms via the web, intranet or any other internal or external environment, including mobile devices like the Apple iPad and iPhone.

E-Forms Manager also offers a convenient publishing portal that allows users to navigate though form categories and select the form they need. This is an easy-to-use, self-service environment that removes the burden from your IT team. E-Forms Manager also features intelligence that enables Formatta to expire forms and republish them on certain dates (such as annual contracts). 

Push paper aside. Publish digital forms instantly. Reinvent convenience.

  • Add intelligence to your forms processing
  • Enhance security with industry-standard protocols
  • Preserve original form images when archiving in a content and document management system
  • Share data with people and systems across the organization
  • Provide a self-service e-forms library for authorized users in any location
  • Expire and republish forms as needed with date-based logic
  • Guarantee that users are always working with the most current version of a form