Formatta Products: Distribute + Notify


Distribute e-forms and send notifications.

Whether an e-form initiates a process, keys a final approval hurdle, or supports a data validation step in-between, Formatta can play an integral role in your business routines. Using the email notification mechanism in Formatta E-Forms Manager, you can establish alerts that notify a user when an e-form is ready for their input, digital signature, sign-off or some other task.

Not only does Formatta automatically send alerts to the appropriate people or groups based on your requirements, it can share captured data from e-forms with your business systems to complement their workflows. The collaborative process of completing a form also is supported easily through the notification process.

Avoid paper forms. Make processes 100% digital. Remove roadblocks.

  • Speed task completion with e-mail alerts that notify users when a form is ready
  • Instantly access completed e-forms from anywhere, anytime
  • Share captured data with business systems to automate process steps
  • Send forms data into databases using the same, seamless integration
  • Support your forms processes with notifications and one-click document access