Formatta Products: Design + Create


Design and create e-forms.

Formatta Designer enables organizations like yours to rapidly design and create e-forms for use in any process. For existing paper-based or electronic forms you might have, you can simply import PDFs and then drag and drop data field controls to enable dynamic data collection capabilities.

Unlike other e-forms management systems, Formatta gives you the power to create new forms in hours, rather than weeks, using a simple WYSIWYG tool. The business logic and forms functionality is retained when the form is updated — just make the changes and republish.

For organizations that do not have the in-house resources or the desire to design forms, Access’s experienced form design team can create government-regulated or compliance-mandated forms (such as I-9s and W-4s) and custom-designed data collection forms with speed and accuracy.

Replicate paper forms. Build digital versions quickly. Make data dynamic.

  • Rapidly design and build e-forms
  • Easily convert existing paper and electronic forms, retaining their original structure
  • Retain the business logic included in converted forms
  • Enable dynamic collection of data that can automatically update business systems
  • Create forms easily with intuitive WYSIWYG designer and features like drag-and-drop
  • Engage Access to provide assistance with forms conversion and design