Formatta Products: Complete + Submit


Complete and submit e-forms.

With Formatta iFiller and Filler, users can easily interact with e-forms that look and feel like the paper versions they’re used to — just without all of the delays, hassles and physical limitations of paper. iFiller is the program used to complete, digitally sign and submit forms online, offering the same intuitive interface regardless of operating system or web browser. Filler offers complementary features, enabling users to fill out e-forms offline and then submit them once they’re connected.

These products help you capture critical data and ensure that a form is complete, for example, requiring supporting documents such as receipts for an expense report to be attached before it can be submitted to start a workflow process. Users are authenticated and forms are signed and submitted using 128-bit encryption in a manner that supports industry standards such as Active Directory and LDAP. Formatta digital signature is based on PKI (public key infrastructure) encryption technology — this ensures that a certificate of authority issued by a third party that validates the identity of the signer and the signature at time of signature.

Eliminate paper. Put e-forms to use anywhere. Remove data barriers.

    • Ensure quick user adoption because forms look and feel like existing versions
    • Remove the physical limitations and delays of paperwork
    • Speed forms completion by prefilling certain information from other databases
    • Add meaning and value to collected information
    • Provide convenient online and offline forms completion (each update is automatically saved)
    • Authenticate sign in and forms submission using industry-standard protocols
    • Trigger intelligent workflow processes in existing business systems