Products: Formatta Platform


Discover the Formatta platform.

Formatta e-forms management software products are built on a highly flexible, advanced technology platform that enables organizations to rapidly design, develop and publish e-forms to a secure, server-based, web-accessible environment. Users then can interact with e-forms anywhere, at any time, experiencing the familiarity of paper forms without paper’s limitations and costs. Captured form data can be used to update business systems, such as ERP financials and human resources (HR) modules, while also securely archiving a version-controlled image in a content and document management system.

Recycle forms. Deploy advanced technology. Boost your IT value.

Formatta includes four core components that make it possible for organizations in all industries to easily manage the entire form-process lifecycle while getting the most out of existing technology investments.

 Formatta Designer

  • Drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG form development
  • Field validation and conditional rules
  • Automated completion (prepopulation) of field data
  • One-time form design available for online and offline use
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Formatta E-Forms Manager

  • User and form security, form publishing, versioning
  • Workflow routing and notification plus general administration
  • Integration management (web services/XML, ODBC/JDBC, connectors)
  • Online forms portal


Formatta iFiller (Online Form Access)

  • Online form access, completion and submission
  • Full support for Digital Signature
  • Renders same for every operating system and web browser



Formatta Filler (Online or Offline Form Access)

  • Offline form completion
  • Secure data submission when online
  • Full support for Digital Signature