Formatta Integration: ERP Systems


Formatta ERP integration

Using industry-standard web services, Formatta offers inbound and outbound integration that unites e-forms data with an organization’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) and content and document management systems. With this exchange, our software can pull information such as user or vendor contact details onto forms, and then use the discreet data collected from completed forms to update the ERP system automatically — no user intervention is required. At the same time, Formatta sends a document image into the content repository linking the form to the appropriate ERP record with dynamic indexing.

In addition, e-forms facilitate collaborative, transactional interactions by enabling notifications to multiple users within a business process. For example, during a purchase request process that involves several approval levels, Formatta uses submitted form data to update the ERP record at each stage, ensuring appropriate users have real-time information. At every touch point, customizable business logic and rules can define where the e-forms are routed and what further action needs to be taken.

Discard paper. Fit e-forms easily into ERP processes. Boost productivity.

  • Integrate forms with leading ERP systems, including Oracle, PeopleSoft, Lawson and Microsoft
  • Pull ERP data onto forms to speed completion, reduce errors and improve data quality
  • Update the ERP system with data submitted on forms at each workflow stage
  • Bridge the data-collection gaps between ERP and ECM systems with seamless e-forms integration
  • Automate processes with forms-driven business logic and two-way data exchange
  • Create a paperless process that ensures ERP records are up to date, without requiring user action