Formatta Integration: ECM + EDM Systems


Formatta content management integration

The integration between Formatta and leading content and document management (ECM/EDM) systems enables organizations to seamlessly and securely incorporate e-forms and the collected data inside them into existing document processes.

For example, a user completes and digitally signs an e-form using an Apple iPad. Formatta sends the form into the content repository, dynamically indexing it with the correct record and making the form — and the form’s data — immediately available across the enterprise.

Our software enhances workflow processing by allowing multiple users to simultaneously interact with a form. Submitting a form or applying an optional electronic signature can trigger Formatta to retrieve the captured name, date and other information on the form and output the data into a usable format (such as a TIFF file). Each version of the form is stored in the ECM system without user intervention.

Lose the paper. Plug e-forms into your ECM. Discover new efficiencies.

  • Create a paperless bridge between Formatta and ECM-EDM systems using web services
  • Securely send automatically-indexed form images and captured data into content repositories
  • Deploy forms rapidly and expand them across the enterprise to leverage existing ECM processes
  • Use forms to automatically trigger document processes and business workflows
  • Integrate e-forms without having to purchase additional integration tools outside of Formatta
  • Boost productivity and enhance accuracy by eliminating manual steps and human error