Formatta Integration: Databases + Collaborative Data


Formatta database integration

Using a direct, dynamic integration approach, Formatta e-forms management software can pull data from ODBC- and JDBC-accessible databases and automatically populate the information onto forms. Once a user completes and submits the e-form, Formatta then can send the captured discreet field data to the same databases to support real-time data sharing and business transaction creation.

This two-way integration can be applied to multiple databases. For example, when a user downloads a purchase request form, Formatta can pull in data for both the individual filling out the form and the appropriate vendor. Similarly, Formatta can update several third-party systems at the same time upon forms completion and submission.

Formatta also efficiently supports the scenario where a number of users — perhaps even millions of people — are submitting information simultaneously into a form on a website, for example. The captured data is seamlessly added to the appropriate databases for immediate use in other systems or processes. Whatever your database requirements may be, Formatta has a solution that fits.

Transition from paper. Synchronize e-forms data. Unify your ecosystem.

  • Pull data onto forms and update multiple systems and databases when forms are complete
  • Ensure data accuracy, security and integrity throughout a business process
  • Dramatically reduce user effort and eliminate data entry errors
  • Give users immediate access to current information across the enterprise
  • Speed processes by eliminating delays in information sharing and providing complete data