Products: Formatta Integration


Plug Formatta into your bigger IT picture.

Formatta e-forms management software enables you to transform any paper-driven forms process into an electronic one. Once a form is electronic, Formatta’s seamless integration capabilities can share any piece of discreet data inside the form with other systems and databases.

We offer proven integration with industry-leading content and document management (ECM) systems, ERP applications and ODBC- and JDBC-accessible databases, enabling you to securely share forms data across the organization through web services and other methods.

Our integration is two-way, meaning that Formatta software can pull data from and send data to other systems, without manual effort. For example, an employee logs in to a self-service HR portal to change a personal detail. Once they have selected the appropriate form, Formatta pulls information from the HR system onto the Formatta form, helping speed completion.

The employee then changes the necessary fields on the e-form and applies their secure digital signature. When the form is submitted, an image of it is automatically sent into the employee’s record in the content and document repository, and Formatta updates the HR system with the new information — and if needed — notifies an HR staff member.

Get rid of paper. Integrate e-forms. Expand your data horizons.

  • Create paperless processes in human resources (HR), accounts payable (AP) and other departments
  • Improve information sharing across your organization
  • Bridge data-collection gaps that exist between ERP, ECM, databases and other business systems
  • Enhance data accuracy, consistency and security
  • Speed forms completion by pulling in data from external databases
  • Provide forms through convenient, integrated self-service portals