Integrated Solutions: EMC: ApplicationXtender + Documentum


Increase the value of your EMC system.

As information continues to pile up across your organization, you’ve wisely invested in EMC technology to capture and manage it all. But even with a successful content management system in place, gaps in data accessibility, mobility and security still exist if you’re scanning paper forms or using a limited electronic forms solution. Formatta offers the most advanced online e-forms platform available — with integrated solutions for Documentum and ApplicationXtender that completely eliminate the costs and risks of paper forms while seriously making your processes better.

Securely completed from anywhere. Automatically organized in EMC. Immediately plugged into your applications.

Formatta works seamlessly with EMC Documentum and ApplicationXtender to replace paper forms with 100 percent digital ones — in any area (compliance, case management, human resources and many others) in any industry (life sciences, healthcare, financial services, public sector and more).

Analysts at Frost & Sullivan recently noted that “EMC is more nimble and agile than ever … with a cutting-edge user experience.” We make sure your e-forms are equally innovative, empowering you to:

  • Realize a return on your Formatta investment in less than six months.
  • Complement any EMC storage approach — private, hybrid or other cloud deployment.
  • Use e-forms data to help automate business processes without changing your workflow.
  • Support mobile initiatives, giving users secure access to e-forms from anywhere on any device.
  • Get Formatta up and running quickly and cost-effectively without the typical IT hassle.
  • Share a virtually unlimited amount of e-form data with EMC products and other systems.
  • Capture information in e-forms to incorporate real-time data into your Big Data solutions.
  • Benefit from Formatta’s expertise with .NET, a platform ApplicationXtender is optimized for.
  • Enhance compliance by ensuring that data is secured from the moment someone submits it.
  • Scale and adapt Formatta easily across your enterprise to meet any requirement.