Industry Solutions: K-12 Schools


E-forms solutions for K-12 schools

Distributing, collecting and then processing paper forms slows down even the most efficient schools. The result is a delay in student-focused and business functions that increases costs, jeopardizes regulatory compliance and takes staff members away from what they do best — educating students.

Forms present even more issues for districts, which must ensure consistency across multiple school locations and manage the paperwork that each one generates. Getting required information into student, business and content and document management systems also can be quite a challenge.

Avoid paper. Collect information easily. Simplify staff and parent routines.

Districts and individual schools are eliminating obstacles with Formatta e-forms management solutions for K-12 schools. Our software is easy to use and maintain, making it perfect for the wide range of users in the education environment.

  • Provide anytime, anywhere access to e-forms that can be conveniently completed online or offline
  • Share e-forms and attachments quickly and securely across the school and district
  • Protect student confidentiality and support compliance with encryption and secure digital signatures
  • Integrate forms management with existing systems to make data immediately available to those who need it
  • Onboard a new employee, approve a capital request and complete other business tasks completely electronically
  • Eliminate paper and time-consuming tasks such as manual data entry and reprocessing of incorrect information
  • Collect complete and accurate data the first time and ensure forms and processes are consistent across all locations