Formatta Filler for the Mac

Formatta Corporation is one of the first e-forms providers to support Apple Computer users with its release of Formatta Filler for the Mac. This enables both Mac and PC users to benefit from Formatta's free Filler application to use electronic forms.


Formatta Filler for the Mac is a freely downloadable and distributable e-forms application that allows end users to fill, save, encrypt/decrypt, email and print their electronic forms for any data collection needs. Like other e-forms software products, Formatta Filler for the Mac requires a one-time download and installation that only takes seconds over a high-bandwidth connection.


Download Formatta Filler for the Mac here.


Cross-Platform Compatability

PC users can freely exchange Formatta Filler (PFF) files with Mac users, and both can route completed forms for processing through Formatta E-Forms Manager and Formatta Server. Mac users can open and fill, print, save, encrypt and email PFF forms originating from PCs, and PC users can open and manage PFF forms filled, encrypted or routed by Mac users.

Note: Formatta Corporation is working hard to expand its product line to accommodate users across all operating systems. This version of Formatta Filler for the Mac supports Mac OS X (10.3) and higher.

Example Formatta Filler for the Mac Form