Department Solutions: Remote Field Services


E-forms solutions for remote field services

From law enforcement to utility providers to engineering companies to home healthcare to insurance agents — organizations with employees who work remotely in the field are constantly searching for better ways to connect them via mobile technology. While huge advances have been made with smart phones and tablets, it is still difficult for staff to capture information on the go and incorporate it instantly into a business process.

Scrap paper forms. Enhance staff mobility. Boost efficiency in the field.

Formatta e-forms management solutions optimize your field routines. Our software enables remote employees to pull up e-forms on their laptop or mobile device, such as an Apple iPad or iPhone, quickly capture all required information, and then apply a secure digital signature — all using their devices’ multi-touch environment. Formatta then sends the form into your content and document management system and updates your business applications with no user effort or paper.

  • Enable remote field employees to access and complete forms on the go from their mobile devices
  • Authorize these forms with a secure, tamper-proof digital signature
  • Ensure all of your employees use only the latest versions of forms
  • Share information more effectively between remote employees and head office
  • Capture complete, accurate and verified information the first time, every time
  • Eliminate delays and boost productivity by removing the need for remote employees to fill in paperwork later
  • Take full advantage of your staff members’ existing mobile devices
  • Bridge the gaps between your business systems and mobile solutions