Concepts + Uses: Paperless Environment


Transition to a paperless environment

Formatta e-forms management technology enables organizations to transform paper-based processes into paperless, automated workflows in human resources (HR), financials and any other area in which forms are required. With our software, the familiar look and feel of paper forms can be retained and replicated electronically — while removing all of the roadblocks and delays caused by pushing paper from place to place.

Eliminate paper forms. Introduce digital versions. Go paperless.

Every organization has documents that employees use daily to collect critical information, often in high volumes — from student administration at a university to physician referrals at a hospital. Formatta collects such data efficiently, collaboratively and at the point of entry, without paper being produced. E-forms and captured data can easily be shared internally as well as externally to notify others and update key line-of-business applications automatically.

  • Create faster, paperless and more collaborative processes
  • Collect accurate and secure data that is instantly and electronically shared with the systems and people that need it
  • Easily track and standardize e-forms to improve business routines and support regulatory compliance
  • Reduce the environmental, productivity and financial costs of slow, paper-centric processes