Cloud + Deployments Options: Private Cloud


Private Cloud Deployment for Formatta

For customers who want the full benefits of our traditional deployment, but want to remove the burden on their servers and associated infrastructure, we offer a private cloud option for Formatta e-forms management solutions. With the private cloud, we host your Formatta system on a dedicated server at our secure, off-site data center.

As with the traditional, on-site deployment, your organization can take full ownership of your e-forms project. Or, if you choose, our team of experts can provide forms design, publishing and other managed services. The private cloud option is offered via a subscription model with several levels available depending on your projected forms use, which can be easily adjusted.

Go beyond paper forms. Experience true flexibility. Find your silver lining.

Here are some advantages of a private cloud deployment:

  • Access all the features of a traditional, on-site deployment with the convenience of the cloud
  • Eliminate the burden on your internal IT infrastructure
  • Achieve budget flexibility with periodic subscription, fee-based contract
  • Have peace of mind knowing that our data center offers data security, redundant backup and continuous uptime
  • Choose your team’s level of involvement — from us doing everything via managed services to you taking full ownership
  • Move to an on-site e-forms project later if desired
  • Expand your forms subscription as needed to meet your company’s changing needs